people oriented

We believe that the temporary Haizhou past success is the most critical factor in the Prime market hard in the past few years, established a dare to fight tough battles, forge ahead in unity, the market withstand the test of cadres, personnel training and development, technology achievements into practice by insisting on continuous exploration, has formed a set of characteristics Haizhou personnel training and development system.
Haizhou development is to rely on the continuous development of technology to support. Production technology, work and study skills, marketing skills and all the support systems, are approved by the company's technology. If employees have excellent technology, and effective integration of these technologies into productive forces, into valuable results of the work, the company will vigorously encourage such behavior, and encourage all employees to continuously improve their own skills. Excellent technical staff will get more opportunities in the company, to give greater respect!
Haizhou encourage internal training, internal promotion, we have by way of "race horses" in the selection of suitable candidates, more than 90 percent of the cadres through internal training and promotion from the army. It is to get through the final Haizhou this "education choice to stay" talent supply chain, organizational development more talent, faster talent!