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HZPK Auto flat labeling machine
Functions and Features: This machine is used for the surface labeling of the round,square and flat objects in such industries as medicine,daily chemical,food,customer and so on.It can paste single label and double-lable as well at a time.
HZPK High accuracy flat labeling machine HZ-180
Device model:hz-180 High accuracy flat labeling machine Model HZ-680 Voltage AC220V/50hz Power 180W Object length40-320mm Object wide30-400mm Object thickness0.02-5mm Speed 34m/min Gross weight 27kg Machine size 800*530*275mm Note: Device Introdu…
Auto bottle turntable
HZPK Hand wrapper HW-450
This machine simple operation,work efficiency,It can prevent theevaporation of water,keep the taste delicious,prevent the cold storage,improve the storage period,suitable for low temperature display.Safety,health,and improve the product quality.
Ribbons, ink round
Introduction:1.Can achieve quickly printing words, Easy to use,Anti friction,Not easy to fall off, Quick-drying, No-Pollution2.It is used in DY-8、241B ink roller coding machine, Marking machine.3. Widely used in Pharmaceutical, Food, Dairy products, Healt
HZPK HZLP-100 Auto Bottle Turnable
The automatic transmission is suitable for round bottle, square bottle, such as conveyor belt connected to the labeling machine, filling machine, capping machine, automatic bottle feeding, improve efficiency;
HZPK Auto bottle turntable
Device Model:HZLP-Y Auto bottle turnable ModelHZLP-YVoltageAC220VSuit bottle neck diameterφ20mm~φ100mmlSuit product hight20mm~150mmMachine size1700*1100*1200mmNote:The standard model of technical parameters, special requirements and other functions, …
HZPK Auger feeder (Round B)
Device Model:HZSL-B Automatic Auger FeederModelHZSL-BVoltageAC220VPower1.8 kwFeed efficiency150kg/minRotational speed of screw450revolutions/Conveyor height1.6mHopper size120LMachine size22009002050 mmNote:Equipment with auto powder filler Introduc…
Filling Capping Machine+Label Machine
HZPK Auto Double Heads Filling Capping Machine
Auto filling capping machine
4 heads filling machine + Linear capping machine
Device Model:4Heads filling machine+Linear capping machine Madel HZGY500-4 Voltage AC220V Power 2KW Production Speed 30-60pcs/min Air pressure 0.4-0.6mpa Filling heads 4个 Machine size 2000*1050*1600 Note:Contact with materials are made of 304 stainless …
4 heads filling machine + duckbill Capping Machine
Device Model:4 heads filling machine+ Linear capping machine Model HZGY500-4 Voltage AC220V Power 2KW Production speed 30-60pcs/min Air pressure 0.4-0.6mpa Filling heads 4 Mchine size 2000*1050*1600 Note:Contact with materials are made of 304 stainless …
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